Best way to choose a Garden Hand Pruner

Best way to choose a Garden Hand Pruner

Gardeners is terribly partisan once it involves naming their favorite tool, however few can deny absolutely the essentialness of a decent combine of hand pruners. you’ll be able to get by with a decent combine of scissors or flower shears for soft stems, however sooner or later you are going to possess to induce in there and trim, prune or hack back onerous woody stems and you will be glad you have got the acceptable tool.

Styles of Hand Pruners

There area unit primarily 3 varieties of hand pruners: bypass, anvil, and ratchet. Bypass garden pruners area unit in all probability the foremost fashionable. they create a pleasant clean cut victimisation 2 sinuate blades that bypass one another within the same manner as a combine of scissors. One blade is sharpened on the skin edge and it slips by a thicker dull blade.

In distinction, anvil garden pruners have one straight cutting blade that closes down on a flat edge or anvil. Anvil pruners have a slicing action just like a knife against a board and work well removing powerful dead wood. they have a tendency to be a touch bulkier than bypass pruners, creating it harder to induce in shut for crotch cuts.

Ratchet garden pruners area unit primarily anvil pruners with a mechanism that performs the cutting action bit by bit. Ratchet vogue hand pruners supply additional leverage for smaller or weaker hands. If you may be doing an excellent deal of pruning, ratchet pruners may save your hand and gliding joint some strain and fatigue.

Which is better? every vogue has its devotees, however i’d say owing to the closeness and cleanness of the cuts, a bypass hand pruner would be the design to start out with. If doable, you ought to seek or a minimum of hold the pruners before creating a buying deal. Get a way of the texture in your hand, the burden and therefore the easy grip.


Prices vary widely from less than $10 to over $75. like the other tool, shopping for the simplest you’ll be able to afford can prevent effort and cash within the end of the day. 1st rummage around for a top quality name like ARS, Corona, Felco, Fiskars or Sandvik. Then rummage around for keywords like “Professional” or serious Duty”. These designs ought to have blades made up of high-tempered steel, which might be sharpened. you may additionally need hand pruners with expendable components. it’s a automaton finally and components can wear out. Most quality hand pruners can are available in a variety of sizes. Felco, as an example, has been creating their classic model #2 for many years currently. it’s forever been popular professionals, however their #6 model would really be easier to use for somebody with smaller hands.


Pruning will tire the hardiest hands, however if you’re already beginning out at a drawback with carpal tunnel or inflammatory disease, you ought to check up on ergonomically designed models. There area unit soft handles to cut back pressure, rotating handles to minimize decline your gliding joint, even models with a horizontal inclination to permit the hand to stay in AN unbent, neutral position. Left-handed gardeners haven’t been forgotten either. there’s typically a model designed only for them, though they have a tendency to be more durable to search out in garden centers.

The bottom line is finding a garden pruner that produces clean, straightforward cuts and feels snug in your hand. once you area unit improvement up winter injury this spring you may be therefore affected with yourself for having endowed the time and cash up front to search out simply the proper tool.

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