How to Choose a Garden Hand Pruner

Pruning is essential for the better health of our garden and keeping aside from water and sunlight. The plants and shrugs also need to be pruned on a regular basis. It is generally a maintenance task that involves the removal of branches and leaves along with the dead particles which ensure the growth of the plant and helps in maintaining its shape.

Therefore, choosing the right Garden Hand Pruner is always essential that determines how well we can do this job and how long it will take to do it. We do know about the number of brands and tools available in the market and it is difficult to decide which one is actually perfect and good for the price it is being offered. So, to make it easy for the people, we have decided to add a definitive guide for choosing the best hand pruner for your garden.

What features should we look for in a garden hand pruner?

  • Style of the Pruner
  • Design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Cost

Style of the Pruner

Bypass, anvil, and ratchet are the three types of hand pruners available in the market. We can prefer using the Bypass one as it is most popular in the market and it also does make a nice cut using the curved and high-quality blades.

Hand pruner style

On the other side, anvil garden hand pruners are having a single and straight cutting blade. Moreover, the slicing action is way more similar to a knife cutting the board. Anvil pruners weigh more compared to the bypass ones that make it difficult to hold.

Third? Ratchet hand pruners. It is an upgraded version of anvil along with mechanism support which actually performs cutting in various stages. Ratchet hand pruners are the best options for smaller or weaker hands and it could be good if you usually get fatigued during pruning of your garden.

So? the question is which style is actually better? To be precise, each style is perfect in terms of their specialties and work. However, due to the clean cuts and the sharp blades, I would prefer choosing a Bypass style to start pruning my garden.


Pruning could be a difficult task even with a hand pruner. It can make your hands fatigued and tired within a short period. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a perfect design while purchasing a hand pruner for your garden. I prefer looking into the ergonomically designed models that reduce the pressure on your wrist.

garden hand pruner design

It also allows the hand to remain in an unbent position. Therefore, selecting the right design of the hand pruners is also important during the purchase.


Apart from the design, the weight of the pruner also does matter to reduce a stress strip in your hands. Heavyweight pruners can actually worsen the conditions if used regularly. Therefore, choosing a lightweight hand pruner for your garden is a sensible choice.

Lightweight hand pruner tool

Easy to clean

Purchasing anything could be the most easier part of the world. However, the difficult part is taking care of those things to make them work long laster. 

Choosing a hand pruner that is almost difficult to clean could be the worst decision. Cleaning your hand pruner regularly not only helps to remove dirt and other particles but also ensures the life of the blade. Therefore, if you are about to purchase a garden hand pruner then prefer looking for the easier to clean option in the list of features.


Garden hand pruners prices vary from 10$ USD to 75$ USD. It usually depends upon the brand and the quality you are purchasing. However, spending a good amount while purchasing a hand pruner will save your efforts and money in the long run.

If I come to the brands then the Felco is one of the popular brands and quite impressive for making the classic models in the decades as of now. However, spending any amount between 10$ to 75$ is all depends upon the budget you are having.

Bottom line

Here we come at the end. To choose the best hand pruner for your garden, one should prefer looking for clean cuts, easy to clean, feels comfortable in your hand. When you go through these points then it will make you left impressed after purchasing the right tool and apparently good for the investment.

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