Tree Pole Pruner Reviews

Trimming a tree and bush pruning are one of the most challenging garden task. Mostly when you have to get down low or reach up high. In order to help solve this problem of high and low, fiskars have been invented. With these multi use tools, there won’t be any need for a ladder to reach up or to bend down to work for the lower ones.

Easier from top to bottom

Have you ever tried to trim tree crowns, pick fruit or prune branches which can’t be cut with a saw? Then you know how tough it really is. Thankfully with our tree pruners, you now have the ability to perform wonders. With an extended pole, it gives a gardener the advantage to stand, the light but powerful head helps cutting fast, easy and safe.

Our pruners, have been developed in a way that that the the cutting power can be increased and reduced. With our fiskar pruners, height won’t be a pruner because the length have been designed just for that. The cutting mechanism makes cutting over 12 times easier than a traditional or standard tool allowing for both easy and exact high level pruning.

Pruner Tree Pole Features

Tree pole pruner
Tree pole pruner

Cutting Head and Attachments

It comes with a cutting head for which is up to 1 inch diameter, with a head that rotates u to 230 degrees. This feature is use for cutting angle in tight spots. A fisker pruner comes with a 15-inch woodzig saw attachment for branches that are up to 11/4 inches diameter.


Despite the heavy use of a fiskar tree pruner, the blade remains sharp, this is according to the fiskars website. It has low friction and has the ability to withstand and resist rusting. This feature enables it to slice through branches.

Power-Stroke Chain-Drive Gearing

It features a Power-Stroke chain-drive gearing, or PowerGear that is trademarked. This reduces effort. It makes the tool feel lighter and smaller and this offers greater cutting power than a standard tree lopper.

Prepare to Use the Pruner

You don’t need to stand on a ladder when using this tool this is because it has been designed to reach tall branches. It is advisable to stand at the side rather than directly beneath the tree and avoid cutting branches near electric wires.

Extend or Retract the Pole

Look for the lever attached to the pole, pull the pole up or push it down to your desired length, rotate the lever back to its original position to lock the pole at its new length.

Use the Saw Attachment

Install the saw attachment, taking care because the blade is extremely sharp. First, turn the orange dial beneath the cutting head 90 degrees to unlock it. Rotate the cutting head downward to move it out of the way. Turn the dial back to its original position to lock the cutting head into place. Use the included wing nut to attach the saw attachment to the top of the pole. Extend or retract the pole, if necessary, and direct the blade toward the branch. The teeth of the blade offer a strong bite, so it is easy to start a sawing motion to cut through the branch.

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