How to Sanitize Pruning Shears

If you use a gardening tool that you used on an infected plant on your plant, they can get diseases. In fact, fungus, bacteria, as well as other diseases can make your plant infected. That’s why it’s really important to sanitize your pruning shears. It’s easy to use a sanitizing solution for this purpose. As a gardener, you need to look for the pruning shears first. Also, it’s vital to keep these tools clean. Keep reading this article to learn how to sanitize pruning shears. They ensure to help your plants grow healthy.

Sanitize Pruning Shears

Why you need to sterilize your pruning shears

You know, it’s ideal to clean your garden tools frequently. In addition, it’s also vital to care for blades and spades in order to extend their life. In fact, this can help to sharp edges on these tools. Moreover, it prevents your plants from getting diseases.

How to sanitize pruning shear

First, you need to remove all caked-on mud from your gardening tools such as forks, trowels, shovels, spades, and others. To do this, you can use a wire brush and the warm water. For pitted steel, you may have to take more time to scrub.

You need a mixture of warm water and a cleaning solution. The cleaners you choose have to work well. Moreover, they can’t corrode tools. However, when mixing your cleaner solution with warm water, remember to mix them in the right ratio.

It’s essential to soak all of your garden tools, including pruning shears in the cleaner solution from 10 to 30 minutes for the best result. Make sure all steel parts expose to this solution. To sanitize your pruning shears, you need to open all parts of them, including the blades as well as the hinges. If necessary, you have to make a new solution after 24 hours.

After soaking tools, remember to use clean water to rinse them. If you want to use them right away, it’s not essential to dry them. On the contrary, use a soft rag to dry them if you want to store them.

To sanitize your pruning shears, you also need some other things such as measuring cup, oil, safety goggles, and gloves.

Household Disinfectants

Many people use household disinfectants because they are not corrosive. Plus, it’s also easy to look for them. However, they are more expensive than other disinfectants on the market. In general, almost gardeners want to use a strong spray. Before buying a product, it’s important to read the label first. You can easily find household disinfectants in a store.

Chlorine Bleach

The fact is that you needn’t cost much money for chlorine bleach. They are effective. Also, it’s not difficult to find them. However, they can offer harmful fumes. If you want to use chlorine bleach, you need a mixture of 10% bleach solution and the water. However, it allows you to use in a short time because this mixture is just effective within 2 hours.

Ethanol or Isopropyl Alcohol

You can use alcohol to sanitize your pruning shears as well as other garden tools. You can use it as a wipe. It doesn’t require you to soak your tools. It’s not necessary to rinse the tools off. It’s easy to find these alcohols at a wide range of stores. However, alcohol also comes with the disadvantage. It’s flammable.

Trisodium Phosphate

They are expensive. In fact, Trisodium Phosphate is very corrosive. If you want to use it to sanitize, you need to make a mixture of 10% solution and the water that makes up 9 parts. Soak the garden tools in this mixture for 3 minutes or even more. But, remember to prevent your skin from contacting with the Trisodium Phosphate. Otherwise, you may suffer from nasty chemical burns in your skin. It’s not difficult to find them in many stores. More importantly, look at the label of the product before buying.

Pine Oil Products

Today, there is a wide range of good pine oil products available on the market. They are not corrosive. The thing you need is a mixture of 25% solution and the water (about three parts). You can visit grocery stores to find them. You can also find them at a home-improvement center as well.

Keep It Clean

You can choose any of these above products. More importantly, you need to keep your garden tools clean always. This has a purpose of making your plants healthy. It’s best to soak your pruning shears for a long time to make them smooth. It’s best to disinfect your tools right away after you use them. After soaking your tools, don’t forget to wipe them in order to remove excess disinfectant. Keep in mind that with a clean garden tool, you can protect your plants from diseases.


Don’t forget to carry a spray bottle and a cleaning solution into the garden. In addition, some clean rags also should be considered. They are essential for small jobs. For example, cutting flowers require you to carry them. After using your tools, remember to spray them with your cleaner solution. Then, use a clean rag to wipe them.


It’s important to use safety goggles when using bleach. Besides, you also need to wear gloves because your eyes and skin may be irritated by the bleach. Last, you shouldn’t use bleach on your plants. Otherwise, it can damage the foliage.

Put The Pruning shears back to work

Now, it’s time to reassemble your pruning shears. You only need to slide their two parts back. Then, replace the nut if needed. Don’t tight the pruners so that the blades can move properly. And, you may have to use a spray of lubricating oil. As mentioned above, it’s important to remove the excess in order to prevent rust. We encourage you to clean as well as sharpen tools regarding your garden at least once per year. It’s ideal to do this at the gardening season. It will be better if you clean your garden tools monthly. Of course, you will see a big difference from this.

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