Simple and easy to use- Garden scissors

Simple and easy to use- Garden scissors

Scissors are those tools which are operated with hands and consist of pair of metal blades with sharp edges that slide against each other when opposite handles are closed. Scissors are used to cut various materials from paper two wires.

There are various types of scissors at our specialised to cut different things. During earlier times scissors were made of hard and heavy substances, but modern scissors are designed with thermoplastic and rubber handles which provide power grip to the user.

Materials used to make garden scissors:

  1. Blades of scissors: These are hard and made up of stainless steel or titanium. Some blades have spring which allow easier opening and closing. These are usually covered with less friction material that reduces chances of rusting and are laminated and serrated.
  2. Handles are hard plastic, non-stick and are covered with less friction material to reduce the chances of rusting.
  3. Inside parts such as springs are made up of high-quality stainless steel.

Types of garden scissors

Plant cutter scissors are essential part of gardening tools. There are various types of garden plant cutter depending upon your gardening task-

  1. Basic garden plant cutter: These are responsible for cutting small branches, stems and twigs. Having right pruning scissor is important when you are running a tree or a bush because all types of small plants that are three-fourth in diameter with them including vegetable plants and flowers. Basic garden plant cutter are used to cut and trim plant with thin branches, twigs, offshoots and sick leaves. It can also be used for grooming work. They are 5-9 inches in width.

2. Thinninggarden plant cutter: These plant cutter scissor are very small. Their blades are short in length, narrow and straight so that they get into smallest places.

They have a adjustable pivot that make them easier to use and have non-slip handles that are questioned which allow power grip. These are 7-8 inches long.

3. Bypass scissors: These scissors have two blades. The blade at the top is sharp and the other blade is unsharpened. Due to this mechanism these plant cutter scissor provide less crushing damage with a cleaner and even cut off the plant while trimming.

These are comfortable for both left handers and right handers. Their length is between 4-5 inches.

4. Anvil scissors: They have a sharp blade with flat and heavy edge and is used for cutting thick branches if you apply pressure on both sides. They are also a lightweight and small which reduces strain on your hands why using them.

They are also coated with titanium they will not suffer from sap and debris getting stuck into them while cutting the thick branches. They are 15 inches long.

5. Needle-nose scissors: These garden plant cutter are used for pruning thin branches. They are multi purpose tool to keep in your garden. These are 8 inches long.

6. Hedge scissors: Their only purpose is to trim hedges which is done with the help of long blades which can make straight and long cuts that are able to cut more than one branch at a time.

These scissors also have locking pivot bolt and tubular handles that act as shock absorbers. They are typically 23 inches long.

7. Parrot beak scissors: The have two blades that resemble a parrots beak and work similarly how parrots crushes their food meaning that crushing the branches between the blades. These plant cutter-scissors have been used since long time ago.

These are also used to cut flowers that are put in a bouquet. They have one convex and one concave blade and are also very much similar to bypass scissors. Their thin blades are perfect to work with roses, dense foliage, small branches and various types of vines. These are around 8 inches long.

8. Ratchet pruners: It is a big plant cutter that is used to trim thick stems and branches which other plant cutter-scissors cannot handle. They have an extra part called D handles that allow to grasp the branches perfectly and also chop and trim in single smooth action.

They also have a safety latch which ensure extra protection while using them. These are around 8 inches in length.

9. Pole shears: They are perfect type of shears which act as big plant cutter and are used to cut and trim trees. They have long handles which allow you to reach high trees without using the ladder and are operated with long rope. 

Experienced gardeners use them because of their complexity and sharp blades. These are best for those whose job include thinning of woods and fruit trees. Branches can be easily cut down from ground without any danger of using ladder, electric pole and making noise with the help of pole pruners. These can be up to 10 feet in length.

10. Plant cutter-machine is electronic and rechargeable for efficient and reliable use. Their strong batteries are made up of lithium with excellent warranty offered by the manufacturer. They come in various styles depending upon specific function such as grass cutters and hedge trimmers. They usually come in kits with many types of blades, one or more batteries, charging cord and a convenient case to keep everything in one place.

These plant cutter machine are wireless and batteries may last up to 5 to 6 hours hence able to complete all day task without any problem. These are user friendly plant cutter machine as it is simple and easier to use. These machines work well for people with weak and so hands and also help to save time in the garden.

Right pair of scissors are those which fit in your hands and you feel comfortable why using them. Garden scissors also known as pruning scissors that are used to cut small branches, twigs and stems.

These are made up of two blades which are used the same time. Pruning plays an important role for plants such as controlling the undesirable growth and improving the health of the plant.

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