What is the best pruning shears?

What is the best pruning shears?

The best pruning shears are those that give you the best results. The most correct answer that many people give. You just have to dare to state that the best secateurs are situated in the professional secateurs segment. We present you a number of top brands.

Which brands have the best secateurs?

Fiskars pruning shears power-deliver anvil
Fiskars PowerGear2 Pruner
Gonicc Professional Pruning Shears

The top brands par excellence for hand trimmers include Gonicc, Felco and Fiskars. They have a range that many garden lovers fall in love with. Something for everyone and these brands pay special attention to each specific application.

When it comes to sustainability, Gonicc has a slight lead. It is a
Ultra-fine Polishing Technology SK-5 Steel that focuses entirely on the quality of their products. Fiskars is a somewhat odd man out, due to a Scandinavian design and ingenuity system with which the secateurs are put together.

They are also made from other materials such as plastics that are unbreakable.

What are the characteristics of a good secateurs?

The details make the difference with these brands that not only sell top material but also take other things into account. Every garden lover knows that gardening can be a tiring activity. These brands consciously provide a specific added value of their secateurs, an added value to which cheaper brands pay less attention.

Gonicc pruning shears with roller handle
The Tree doctor Sharp Cutter with roll handle ideal for people with rheumatism or hand problems.

In this way they take into account not only the quality standard but also the safety aspect. For example, the handle does not have unnecessarily sharp edges, preventing blisters.

The comfortable handles ensure better ergonomics on the one hand and a smoother cutting technique on the other. You will get tired hands less quickly and therefore be able to work faster and longer.

fiskars Pruner shears

The structure of these secateurs is aimed at using less force to prune branches. The range is also wider, so that you can more specifically determine the purchase of your secateurs in function of your own garden. That is the real added value of the best secateurs.

Gonicc , for example, has a trimmer with a roll handle. This is ideal for people who suffer from rheumatism or for people who do not have much strength in their hands.

Then you can and may say that a secateurs from Gonicc , Felco or Fiskars are among the top and therefore have the best secateurs in offer.

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